7 Things You Didn't Know About Kelly O's Diner

Kelly O's Strip District Location

Kelly O's Strip District Location

A block down from Penn Ave in the heart of the colorful Strip District stands a half-mirrored, half-muraled building that serves up the best fried eggs and diner coffee in town. You might recognize it's North Hills location as only as the family-friendly greasy-spoon featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but after nearly 20 years, we think it’s time to take our relationship to the next-level. Here are some thing you might not know about our women-owned restaurant, and we hope to see you in-person soon!

1. It’s a family operation

Seana (left) and Kelly O (right)

Seana (left) and Kelly O (right)

Yep, Kelly O is a real person. And her daughter, Seana, is the spitfire diner aficionado you’ve probably seen hustling around the restaurant. Tip: If you haven’t had the “Seana’s Favorite” on the menu, you’re missing out.

2. Their Coffee is Pride Point


Diner coffee is more than just free refills (although it’s a perk). It’s about ambiance and easy-drinking, and we take it so seriously that we even have our own special blend in the works.

3. There are two locations


The North Hills location came first in 2001, followed by the iconic Strip District spot.

4. Our Orange Juice has a cult following


We talk about coffee a lot, but let’s take a minute to recognize freshly squeezed OJ. Made-to-order, we juice about 8 oranges per glass, right behind the counter in our state-of-the-art citrus juicer. 

5. The Eggs Benedicts have no known rivals

kelly os eggs yelp.jpg

If you think eggs benedict is reserved for fancy brunches, think again. Sure, you could keep it original with canadian bacon, but “The Pittsburgh Benedict” features pierogies and kielbasa and has been known to change lives.

6. There’s a free parking lot


On busy days downtown, parking can be tough (especially since Smallman will be closed for parking through December). But we have a no-charge lot right out front of both locations, making it easy for you to get inside and get eating. Need more options? Check out our previous blog post highlighting the best nearby parking spots!

7. The line moves fast


Sure, there might be a line -- but it moves quickly and our staff is prompt; we’ll have you sipping hot coffee and ordering extra french toast toppings in no time.

See you soon!