The 7 Best Places to Park When You're Craving Kelly O's Diner in the Strip


It’s finally summer, which means the bustling Strip District is in full swing. But since water and sewer line construction will make parking between 16th and 21st Street on Smallman impossible through December, we wanted to make sure you knew there were plenty of other easy (and cheap) parking options nearby.

1. Kelly O’s Free Lot


Kelly O’s is one of the few places in the Strip with it’s own lot, and you can park right out front of our restaurant for free. It’s as easy as that, folks.

2. Cork Factory Garage (next to Wigle Whiskey)

cork garage.jpg

Hanging out for a bit? At just 3 bucks for 2 hours, this is one of the best and most affordable garages in the area. Perfect for a rainy day, it’s located directly across the street from Kelly O’s behind the Sola Salons. 

3. 24th and Smallman Lot

kelly os 24th lot.jpg

Right next to our restaurant, this is a good option if you don’t want to hunt for street parking and the Cork Factory garage is full. 

4. Wigle Whiskey's Free Lot


Just make sure you stop inside for a tasting after breakfast (or before, no judgement) if you park in this lot, owned by one of our favorite local distilleries. Trust us, you'll leave with at least 2 bottles. 

5. Heinz History Center (15th and Smallman Lot)


There will be interim spaces available while construction is underway, with a shuttle to the Strip’s business district available.

6. Just Bike


With bike racks on every block and bike rental stations throughout the city, this is definitely a great summer option. While it’s unclear how the construction will affect the Penn Ave Bike Lane, community members have expressed the need to include bike lanes in the dialogue and in the construction plans moving forward.

7. Head Over to Our North Hills Location



Yep, in case you didn't already now, we have *two* locations, and our North Hills spot was the one featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.


Tip: Download the PGH GOMobile Parking App for easy street-parking. You can add time right from your phone and won’t need to interrupt your meal.

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